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Au Cheval’s Cheeseburger
Food Network
"Au Cheval in Chicago wins a top spot for its juicy, decadent cheeseburgers."
The Best Restaurants in the World
Conde Nast Traveler
“I’ve only had 0.01 percent of America’s burgers, but this is by far the best I’ve ever tasted.”
I Tried a Burger That’s Called One of the Best in America
"Just wait for a table, no matter how long."
19 Best Restaurants in Chicago
Conde Nast Traveler
"Your quest for the world’s best cheeseburger ends at Au Cheval: This dimly lit, tightly packed, perfumed-by-beef-fat diner is perpetually jammed by crowds who descend for the gooey, double-patty revelations, topped with house cured Berkshire pork bacon and a sunny-side up egg."
Whether brunch or late-night, this West Loop favorite is always perfectly over the top
Bon Appetit
"Every single thing on the menu is so ridiculously delicious."
Around the Country in 34 Dishes
Travel + Leisure
"This haute diner slings between 500 and 700 burgers a day, and the one that’s got everyone talking is the underpromisingly named double cheeseburger."
Is This the Best Burger in the World?
"You know those stories you hear when people say they see their true love for the first time? How the sound drops out of the world and the room melts away? That's what the first bite of this burger was like."
The 18 best burgers in America
Time Out
"This diner-style burger, which often requires hours-long waits to get your hands on, is a master class in textures and proportions."
The best fried chicken in Chicago
Time Out Chicago
"It seems like this haute diner’s burger gets all the love. And we’re fine with that, because it means more General Jane’s Honey-Fried Chicken for us."
The Most Important Burgers in Chicago History
Thrillist Chicago
"One burger always reigns king: the Au Cheval burger."
The Chicago Greatest Hits List
The Infatuation
"Best. Burger. Ever. We aren't just saying that either."
Chicago’s Best Burgers: The Definitive Guide
Thrillist Chicago
"This iconic burger has topped local and national best-of lists left and right (including our own), and for good reason: it really is that umami-tingling spectacular."
10 Best: Awesome Burgers Across America
USA Today
“I went for the hype and it lived up to the hype,” Johnson says. “It’s a real solid place for burgers. You have so many choices.”
The Best Burgers in 17 Cities
"This is hardly the first time this griddled burger was at the top of a "best burger" list and it won't be the last."
9 Essential Chicago Sandwich Shops
Food & Wine
"This self-described "bar and diner" serves sandwiches as simple as they are delicious, including a legendary burger and a fried house-made bologna sandwich that wins over even the most hardened bologna skeptics."
The 101 Best Burgers in America
The Daily Meal
"The patties are wonderfully crusty, the fries are fried in lard, and just about everything about this burger is perfect."
The 9 Best French Fries in Chicago
Time Out Chicago
"Under the “Eggs” section of the menu lies one of the best fry dishes in the city."
Top 5 Burgers in America
Food Network
"These slabs of beef are key to the perfect burger-to-cheese ratio."
Why People Wait for Hours to Eat Au Cheval’s Cheeseburger
"Six months in, even before Bon Appetit declared it the best in America, the Au Cheval cheeseburger had become the talk of the town."
The Breathtaking Au Cheval in Chicago: Finally an American Diner That’s a World-class Restaurant
The Huffington Post
"It has established itself as a can't-miss stop on this country's delicious itinerary of important, life-changing restaurants."
The Burger at Chicago’s Au Cheval is Just About Perfect
Bon Appetit
"Can’t a burger just be a burger? Yes, and we’ve found one in the perfect griddle burger at Chicago’s Au Cheval."
20 Best New Restaurants
Chicago Magazine
"Au Cheval is hardly a greasy spoon; if anything it’s a highly polished and very stylish spoon."